Friday, March 19, 2010

i'm addicted!! ( >_< )

bismillah dan salam di hulur
moga sejahtera meliputi sesiapa yg membaca.
*****tamat muqaddimah*****

see this caramel? hurm..I remembered one story.
its about one little girl who hate egg very much.Even if you put 1% of egg in the food
she can sense it and she will never touch it.I promise you, ITS TRUE.

Then,one evening the little girl woke up from her evening nap (just like we like to do on holiday~),
her anti-egg's smell nose detected the presence of egg.She hurriedly went to the
to get rid of the egg (huhu..poor little egg). Her falcon eye of detecting egg quickly spotted a
plate of delicious caramel just like the picture.The little girl ask her mother who at the kitchen "
Why was that creepy thing here,mother?"Her sweet mother answered "Its for our tea,honey,come and sit"at the evening for the first time ever the little girl felt her tea like a nigthmare.Its all because the smell of egg.Her mother just smiled at her reaction.She understand on how hate her daughter towards egg,but she thought that the egg also deserve to be love.So she purposely made the caramel,well,who know first love between her daughter and egg may spark

After 15 minutes of fulling her stomach with tea only, while her mother joyously devour the taste of caramel,the little girl ask her mother "Erm,mother, was the caramel delicious?You seems very enjoyed it".Her mother answered "Well my little princess,if you want to know,how if you taste it yourself? For me,its lovely!Don't you want some? I'm worried your stomach will be bloat with too much tea...". A thought came into her mind "yeah,why dont i try some,the egg won't kill me though". So the anti-egg girl,dare herself to try the caramel.She took a spoonful of caramel and lead it to her mouth.Once it in,the caramel melted in her mouth,she felt like in a cloud nine and all her fear and hatred towards egg vanished by the sweetness of the caramel.She was unable to talk,but her mother know that her little daughter fort against the egg already fall.

So,,,the significance is..
1.The little girl is us who always feel fear and hate before we experience it.We always complained about something by just hearing the news.Never give chance to ourself to taste it.
2.The mother is the people surround us who try to give us new experience.Just like teacher,prefect and even BADAR.
3.The egg is experience.its always around us,the choice is in our hand whether to grab it or not.
4.The caramel is the value if our life.It's sweet and tasty when we add more spices together.Like the caramel ingredients, egg,sugar,milk and water.

Dengan merasai,anda akan tahu keelokan manisan

"May Allah give us His guidance always"

what good is from Allah,the wrong is from the writer herself.
I beg your pardon.